Oh seminar… I WILL conquer you!

Public speaking… no one REALLY enjoys it, but when you like the topic it’s less painful. Today is my first seminar presentation at the masters level. Eeek!

I’m soothing my soul with some last minute music, and orange pekoe tea… while I blog.

I feel pretty confident. I’m speaking about “Who is in Authority? Gender Roles and Femininity in volume one of Elizabeth Inchbald’s A Simple Story. I doubt this sounds interesting to anyone besides those in my class, and that’s OKAY!  It isn’t so SIMPLE, as the title insinuates though. How could anything that is over 300 pages be simple? The peers in my class seem to have enjoyed the text as much as I have. So, there is NO EXCUSE for a lack of discussion by the end. It isn’t like people don’t want to talk about eighteenth century femininity, the Amazonian woman vs. the mother, blurred gender boundaries, the playfulness of gender roles, and the matriarchal home!

Too much?

I’ve practiced, and timed myself. It’s exactly 20 minutes. Wish me luck!


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2 Responses to Oh seminar… I WILL conquer you!

  1. cam says:

    crash a burn, as rick would say

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