MOM, kinda like S.O.S.

Sorry Dad I dedicated a whole post about you and my fondest memories this past Father’s day, but it’s about time MOM got some recognition.

Mom and I have a new tradition. If I decide it’s too stressful, time consuming, and detrimental to school or work here in Ottawa to go home for the holidays – she makes her way to me. Whether that’s by car, train, or plane. This FRIDAY my Mom is coming, and I am so excited!

Unlike me – which is odd – I have been very homesick this September. In the past I have roughed it until Christmas when I can go home for a longer amount of time, yet that just isn’t good enough this year. I need someone to go grocery shopping for me – ahem, I mean with me – and cook me mass amounts of food to become homemade freezer goods! So, I can warm up her hearty meals in the future when she isn’t here to care for me.

Being in my masters I’m permanently exhausted, or reading. It’s pushing me in ways I never could have anticipated or prepared for. I love immersing myself in literature, and even theory. If you can believe that! However, having been sick with a severe cold/flu for the last week has dwindled my ability to carry on.

She is the one person in the entire world who would do anything for me. She gives good advice, if you’re upset she always takes your side (for the most part). Even if you are wrong she tells you, but doesn’t hold it against you while giving infinite amounts of support.

Mom’s are essential. They are life lines for many people. It is strange, unexpected, and amazing at the same time that the older you get the greater of an understanding you have of your mom, and definitely respect her all the more for those (once annoying) opinions. YOU KNOW THAT IT’S TRUE, and so do I. They are ALWAYS RIGHT. I know, how ironic of me to admit that to myself.

I don’t mind being babied (I am the youngest, after all), and I love her company more than most people. She has become a best friend to me.

YOU HEAR? See you Friday MAMA! xo


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3 Responses to MOM, kinda like S.O.S.

  1. Emilia says:

    “Thanksgiving Weekend” is a holiday many give thanks and the meaning behind it is “Blessings of an abundant harvest”. Well Daniela you are receiving your abundant harvest this weekend to stock the freezer up; especially with “Nonna’s Soup” and other comfort foods. Oh yes, we always find time to go shopping in the mall and we must give dad “thanks” for the use of the account. LOL
    Thanks Daniela for the recognition above. This is what “Thanksgiving” is all about. See you Friday.
    Love Mom

  2. Michael says:

    Dad agrees with everything above but this year please don’t spend toooo much on the shopping.



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