Over cooked salmon

One word – GROSS – and it has a led-like texture. The after taste isn’t very pleasant either. This was my first attempt at cooking salmon without my mom.

At home she puts it in the oven at 350 degrees for 20 minutes. On a piece of tinfoil you lay the piece of fish out and sprinkle salt, pepper, oregano (which I didn’t have) and sliced lemons on top. Sounds easy. Plus her and I made an amazing DILL yogurt sauce to go with it! Oh the power of mom’s guidance.

My salmon was slightly frozen still, and I thought that it would still be okay to follow my mom’s process as long as I did it for slightly longer. This led me to be paranoid that it wouldn’t cook all the way through. I ended up leaving it in the oven for 40 minutes instead of 20 on a lower temp. When I took it out I still couldn’t tell if it was done, and asked Ricardo for assistance. He said it looked cooked – pink and flaky – and so I took it out. I found out soon after that it was OVER COOKED. Yuck. Since I’m now a student again I don’t let food go to waste. I ate it anyways. I dipped it in my artichoke and Asiago cheese dip so it wasn’t too bad.

Unfortunately, I still had half of it as leftovers because it was such a large piece. I remembered having had a salmon wrap at a local restaurant in Ottawa on Elgin street once before, and so I thought I’d mimic that. I purchased sun-dried tomato wraps and lathered mayonnaise, put diced tomatoes, and fresh lettuce down before placing my chopped salmon bits on top. It was divine! Maybe one of the best lunches I’ve had so far since moving back to Ottawa without my mom’s home cooking in the fridge.

It’s fun to get creative with food. Especially when you don’t have a choice because you didn’t cook it properly and have no funds to spare!


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