New Addresses

Unexpectedly, it has taken me awhile to get back into writing. Probably because I’ve been feeling overwhelmed…

The move back to Ottawa went smoothly. It was like I was moving into residence for a second time. All the furniture was already in my room, clean, and ready for my arrival into our Aylmer home. Even the closet was big enough! A wonderful surprise.

Thanks to Ricardo, Cammie, and Mal it was the easiest move of my life, which means a lot considering I’ve now moved 5 times! On the car ride up I asked my father if he was pissed that the outcome was renting an SUV – again – and packing it full with my belongings – again? He told me no, “but this is the last time I’m moving you”. I asked him to clarify if he meant the last time to Ottawa or ever… he stopped participating in the conversation.

Similar to the moving the drive from Toronto to Ottawa passed faster than normal. I did fall asleep for a portion of it, but not for very long. My mom was sharing stories with my father and unless you are exhausted you can’t fall asleep to that… being sleepy just isn’t enough.

When we arrived it was around 12pm – I asked if we could stop for lunch prior to beginning to move my life since my life revolved around food – but of course we had to get it done. Kettleman’s ended up being our lunch destination, and it was delicious. They honestly have the best kosher pickles I’ve ever had in my life. The bagel-whiches are amazing too, but the pickles are the best part. I ate mine and my mom’s.

My first night back was my good friend Daly’s birthday. I wasn’t going to miss it, but Daly felt the need to ensure I’d be there… long story short it’s a good thing I came. I ended up being the one getting into a fight with the bouncer for kicking Daly out without reasonable cause… so I thought, unlocking his front door, and tucking him into bed with a tall glass of water at his side. I love my friends and catching up was long over due, but after having just moved in I was exhausted. Eventually, Ricardo, Cammie, and I ventured home. On our travels we re-met Andrew who was visiting and bed-less, and so he came too. My first night in our home, and it was a full house.

This week was Graduate-studies orientation for me. Luckily, and by fluke I met up with my friend Courtney and an acquaintance from my undergrad Christine. We sat through the introductory presentations as well as the workshops together. For the three of us most of the information was redundant having done our undergraduate degrees at the same school, but it was a good recap and there was a lot of new information we could benefit from at the workshops.

Knowing my luck… all this was too good to be true. Moving was a cinch, Daly’s birthday was a good opportunity to see everyone before school started, and at orientation I wasn’t friendless. After having a delicious, free, organic burger, cold salads, and drinks our stomach’s weren’t feeling too great. Little did I know that night at graduate karaoke in Mike’s place – another on campus pub – Courtney and I were going to have some stomach issues. Court said it best, “it feels like there is an alien in your stomach trying to escape”. It was as if I was doing crunches without all the effort and sweating.

Today, being home and resting is the best choice I’ve had all week. Writing this, and allowing myself to absorb the newness is doing me some good. I’m finally beginning to relax and feel out my new home and roommates. Thanks to the Bank of Michael Holmes I’m free to experience life as a student for another year… I’m excited and scared to embark on this new program and Teaching Assistant responsibilities, but as long as I don’t eat any weirdo free burgers from the orientation department I should be okay.

P.S. I still don’t know my new address, cell phone number, or just quite how to lock the back door. I’m sure I’ll figure it out eventually.

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3 Responses to New Addresses

  1. Emilia says:

    Daniela you have tired me out just reading the above. Rest is a wonderful thing to rejunivate and stay healthy as much as possible. Organic burgers; what is in them anyway? Dad and I are very appreciative to Riccardo, Cammie and Matt; CLEAN ROOM; YEH!
    Love mom

    • Dee says:

      I have no idea what’s in organic burgers but it obviously did not agree with our stomach’s. It’s MAL not MATT lol but it was a valiant effort on your part since you haven’t met them yet.

  2. Cammie says:

    LOL! it’s definitely not Matt, unless Malarie is not telling us something.

    glad to have you here friend!

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