Isabella & Emily’s Blog Debut

Zio Frank & Matthew

I had to do it. I had to upload this video, but how?

Friday night our family congregated for an event unlike anything in our families past. My beloved cousins Isabella and Emily were asked to perform at a family friend’s cafe, EspressoBlu, and we were the audience… along with “Uncle Bernie” and other friends.

Julia, myself, & Mom

Our family didn’t really know “Uncle Bernie” – really named Ernie – but he was a talker, and not shy at all when it came to participating. He and my mom chatted up a storm until we realized he wasn’t going to leave. He eventually wandered off towards the music…

We had a grand old-time chatting, eating gelato, deserts, and drinking coffee. Realistically, you can put our family anywhere and we’re sure to be loud, and the life of any party. Not all 14 could make it, but enough of us were there to stir up some participatory noise, cheer, and laughter. I don’t know if the air conditioning wasn’t pumping hard enough or I was uncommonly over heating but the laughter brought me to tears and sweats. Especially when Isabella and I were talking about Daily Grace. She kills us!

Dad & Zia Connie

Isabella and Emily were both opposed to me posting videos of their mini-concert, but I’m going to share it with you anyways. Is and Em are sisters, and my first cousins who have mastered the art of tweaking songs in order to play their instruments (piano and violin) together for “weddings and stuff”. This cafe being an example of “stuff”. With business cards at hand – well, in her violin case and Zia Connie encouraging their distribution – the girls played two solid sets. It was a collection of songs such as Mumford and Sons, the Beetles, Alleluia a religious hymn, and some Nicki Minaj. Isabella busted out some rap and had all the words down!

We haven’t really heard these two play since they were little and so when they were beginning to learn how to play their instruments. I was so proud of them for getting up there and making something happen for themselves. Especially because they are super talented.

Either the file was too large, or my internet is too slow! I had to youtube it. It was so loud in this little cafe that the sound isn’t amazing, but have a listen!

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2 Responses to Isabella & Emily’s Blog Debut

  1. Michael says:

    Daniela is right this was a fun evening as usual when the family gets together. The desserts, drinks (non alcoholic) were good and the music was magical. Another good blog Daniela you go girl Yahoooo! Daddio

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