Spicy Salmon Roll

My love for Spicy Salmon Rolls is unmatched by any other roll. My “must haves” when at New Generation, or an all-you-can eat is:

1. Seaweed salad
2. Eel hand-roll
3. Spicy Salmon/Spicy Tuna Rolls

Homemade sushi is a different story. I have attempted making it before with my ex-boyfriend, but we were not very adventurous when it came to the ingredients. We stuck to california rolls – the easier of the rolls – but this time I was determined to make the rolls I love… it was Spicy Salmon Roll time.

Initially I had decided to try making sushi again because I’m entering a Teaching assistants Vlogger competition at Carleton University. As a first year masters student I am eligible to enter a video blogger competition where I would be vlogging at least twice a month. My audience would be my fellow teaching assistants, and the topic would be my experiences as a masters student. Only five people get chosen, and only ONE from each faculty. I had to be creative, and outgoing in my video… what could be more outgoing than making spicy salmon for the first time??

I wanted to make traditional rolls, and use the right ingredients. I mainly took advice from my new friend Sunhee, but I also stumbled upon this site “Make my sushi”. Sunhee saved the day, and took charge boiling the rice. I highly suggest that you purchase a rice cooker. In the past and yesterday the rice burned at the bottom of the pot, and there is nothing you can do to stop it. In order to get the rice the right consistency (soft & sticky) you need to first boil the water with the rice inside, and then lower the heat to a medium temperature. You have to leave the lid on the entire time. Without the ability to stir the inevitable is a burning bottom.

Oh the chopping. While the rice cooked – about 20 – 30 minutes depending – I took on prepping the ingredients. You want to cut everything into strips so that it’s easier to roll. Let me see… I cut Avocados, cucumbers, crab, and salmon… I bought sliced carrots and we ripped the shrimp in halves as we used them.

Tina wanted to make a post on Nous et Vous about our sushi time. The day before I found my old origami instruction books – yes I owned more than one – and a pack of square, colourful papers.  I thought I could whip up some animals to put with our sushi so Tina’s posts would be even more Japanese inspired. That didn’t happen. I struggled, and couldn’t get past #4 in the instructions. Not my forte. Fortunately, Sunhee remembered how to construct a crane looking bird from her elementary school days. She had these steps memorized, and let me tell you… there are a lot of steps. I watched, learned, and memorized how to do it for future sushi parties… maybe? Or japanese themed events? Better yet you can attach them to personally wrapped gifts! Even more impressive was when Sunhee took the book, and made a PENGUIN. Not only my favourite animal, but one of the toughest origami animals in the book.

Tina joined in too and made the pink windmill seen at the beginning. In the end we just didn’t have the magical touch, or patience that Sunhee had.

Rolling. Wow. In the past, and online it says to cover your bamboo mat with plastic wrap. I did this. What we found was that the plastic wrap kept getting stuck to the sticky rice as we attempted to roll. My rolls weren’t tight enough, and so Sunhee assisted me in trying to perfect my technique. I stumbled across another trick. When you place the centre ingredients of the roll on top of the rice bed you should put it an inch or two above the bottom of the roll. This way there is less chance of everything falling out and you can get a good grip on the initial roll.

It is hard to wait until all the rolls are made before eating. We didn’t do that. We ate as we went. Even my mom once home from work began ingesting sushi faster than we could make it. I love-making sushi, but there is something about ordering it hassle free from cooking, chopping, and making sure the fish doesn’t go bad that makes for a better experience. There are just a few reasons why I won’t be making it anytime soon. It is cheaper to order it verses making it, you have to wash the dishes in the dish washer twice in order to get the fish smell out, and your hands smell like the sea for a day. Too bad I have a huge bag of rice, a bottle of rice vinegar, and a tube of wasabi…

I do love me some spicy salmon though… maybe more than most?

For anyone who is curious about the outcome of my Vlog entry you can now watch it


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One Response to Spicy Salmon Roll

  1. Emilia says:

    Returning from work my kitchen was overtaken by Daniela’s friends making sushi. What a wonderful sight to experience the making of sushi and enjoying the end result for my lunch.
    Love Mom

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