“Oh the places you’ll go” Ontario Place Edition

ONTARIO PLACE HAS FREE GROUNDS ADMISSION. It also has free shows you can watch such as: acrobatic, trampoline stunt men, a wake-boarding, water show, and last weekend they had Caribana concerts, as well as Caribana food. That is why we went to Ontario Place on Holiday Monday making it the 3rd day of our 3 day weekend in Toronto.

View from the Ontario Place entrance

Mom, dad, and I went down to relax. Enjoying the sun and summer was our main goal. For others and many families with kids there is tons of stuff to do. There is a water park, and beach area with even more water slides down by the water front as well as tons of rides! To our surprise it is only $10.00 per person to enjoy parts of Soak City (the water park). It would be a perfect way to spend a hot summer day!

My mom and dad reverted back to a childhood activity, hula hooping. They both felt the need to prove to me that they could still do it.

This isn’t just child’s play!

If you live in Canada, and more specifically in Ontario you must have seen the advertising for the new Cinesphere. These 3D, surround sound movies are incredible and only $5.00! We saw both the films that were showing that day. The first was Hubble 3D, which was about the space shuttle Hubble and NASA’s trip back into space to repair as well as update it. The second was Bugs! It was a “Rainforest Adventure”. Both films were educational, had beautiful cinematography, and blew our minds. If you don’t enjoy bugs – like myself – you should suck it up because it’s incredible to see these little creatures survive the elements and each other.

Dock in the form of a boat

The last time we visited Ontario Place was similar to this excursion. It was just the three of us, but it was right before I moved to Ottawa and into residence for my first year at Carleton University. We went because they were showcasing Chinese Lanterns. It was a beautiful, and a unique outdoor display.

The view of Lake Ontario is spectacular. There were sail boats gliding through the water all day. Since Ontario Place is spread out over a huge span of land there are many animals that make it a seasonal home. While we were making the walk over from the entrance to the other side we ran into a little family that mimicked our own.

SWANS. They swam towards us the minute we sat by the water. The father was huge, and bigger than I had expected. I think they were looking for food. We didn’t have any, and so they eventually swam away. These weren’t the only friends we made while there. While eating our lunch a courageous duck approached us also looking for a snack.

This is the closest I’ve ever been to a duck. People should really refrain from feeding them because it adds to their unusual brave-ness. Of course we couldn’t help it, and gave the duck some of our bread… he came so close that his beak nibbled at my fingers. So cute.

After a weekend of many animal sightings, and interactions we couldn’t resist going a little wild ourselves. There was a building that nursed abandoned animals and released them back into the wild… there we found these hats.

This blog ends my series of “Oh the places you’ll go”. I loved spending my long weekend in Toronto, Ontario where I’m from with my family.


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3 Responses to “Oh the places you’ll go” Ontario Place Edition

  1. Emilia says:

    Another great day with Michael and Daniela.

  2. Michael says:

    It really was a Hot Day and not because I was with the two hottest ladies in the park (Daniela & Emilia) but termperature wise as well. Of course after a big lunch we needed to lay down on the grass and go for a sleep, but it was a lot of fun. Another terrific summer day with family, the BEST!

    • Dee says:

      I agree. Family days are the most fun… partly because you pay for me, and I get to spend time with the ones I love. Sometimes it gets annoying but the older I get the less we fight! 🙂

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