“Oh the places you’ll go” Toronto Zoo Edition

The long weekend was approaching. It was my parent’s wedding anniversary, and my father had decided to enter a golf tournament hosted by vendors instead of sticking to the original plan. He had proposed to take my mom to Montreal, but that wasn’t happening.

I  was invited to a friends cottage. Low on cash, and unsure if I wanted to commit to go away – which would entail FUN THINGS like beach activities, tanning, drinking, but also NOT SO FUN THINGS like cooking for myself/others, cleaning at the end of the trip after myself and others out of respect for the cottage owners hospitality – and so I decided I just didn’t want to do it.

My mom and I began to brainstorm places to go in the city. Toronto’s attractions are numerous, and so why not spend the August 1st long weekend in and around our city? Dad’s tournament was cancelled, and so my Nonno, Nonna, parents and I hoped in the car and headed towards the Toronto Zoo. Saturday was the 1st of 3 days with my family & in Toronto.

The reason for heading to the zoo… Endangered African Penguins Exhibit. I have been told that when I was young and penguins appeared on t.v. – whether in cartoon movies, or documentary’s – I would laugh, and laugh. They still put a smile on my face.

Here are some of the animals that were out and about on that steamy day:

The African Penguins are a special feature of the zoo this summer, and one I couldn’t miss. They even had a show! We were informed about their rapid extinction rate – now 95% extinct – and of course it is humanity’s fault. Firstly, people have been over-fishing the types of fish that the penguins eat; and forcing the penguins to swim out further to get food which is more dangerous and less nutritional. Second, humans took the penguin poop for fertilizer which is used for their nests in order to protect the eggs from the sun.

You could see how playful and interactive these birds are, and each one’s personality seemed to stick out. One kept stealing the fish from the others and running away with it. I loved watching them play, eat, and waddle around.

It was a day well spent with lots of laughs. At the end of the day I went home with a $11.99 stuffed animal, and educational replica of an African Penguin… I couldn’t resist.

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