More Summer-Licious? I think so!

Christina has a HUGE appetite for unique, expensive, and delicious foods. Who doesn’t? Summerlicious is where she needs to be, and I was willing to make the sacrifice to accompany her.


Forget Fred’s Not Here! I wanted to try something new. It was hard to decide where to go from the huge list of summerlicious participants, but we finally went with Luma. Ironically, Luma is practically Fred’s neighbour. Located at 330 King Street West, 2nd floor, in Toronto and is in the Entertainment district. Luma is 1 of 7 restaurants owned by Oliver & Bonacini, which are: Oliver & Bonacini Cafe Grill at Bayview Village, O&B Canteen, Biff’s Bistro, Auberge Du Pommier, and the well-known Canoe & Jump.

Black Berry Charger: Absolute Citron, Blackberries, White cranberry juice & Soda.

Christina and I decided to join some of my highschool girlfriends for a night out on the town, and so cocktails were in order. This $8.00 “Black Berry Charger” was both thirst quenching, had a unique taste, and was refreshing.

Appetizers. I wanted to try something new, and Toronto had been experiencing an intense heat wave with a humidity that was unbearable. I have never tasted a Gazpacho before so I decided to get the Cucumber Gazpacho with scallops, pesto, and mint yogurt. I love scallops, but they were hard to find in the soup. The lightness and refreshing coolness was very enjoyable for my first gazpacho ever! The portion was huge and too much for me to finish; and I found that because of the dishes size it was too much of one flavour. However, if you are a gazpacho virgin like I was you should head to Luma this summer and they will gently walk you through it.

The Main. I had ordered a main course exploding with shell-fish, and crab at Fred’s not here; and so I couldn’t resist going with the steak and garlic mashed potatoes. The steak was not cooked to perfection. I asked for medium rare, but the edges were a little overcooked. However, in the centre it was perfectly pink. There was no need to send this back, and so I dug right in… I had no problem finishing this one.

Summer Berry Pudding w/Vanilla Cream


1. Lime + Buttermilk Panna Cotta
strawberries & rhubarb


2.  Summer Berry Pudding with Vanilla Cream 


3.  Chocolate Jelly
Indonesian Long Peppercorn stewed cherries 

This berry pudding made me pucker my lips and suck in my cheeks. I am not one for overly sweet desserts, but because the main was so rich in texture and flavour this sweet ending was a pleasant surprise. I understand that berries are in season, but it was a little much. It is a good thing Christina and I shared – which is the best thing about good friends – and so we both got to taste this as well…

Lime + Buttermilk Panna Cotta strawberries & rhubarb

I love the unique sweetness & bitterness of rhubarb whether it’s jam, or this side, it’s all delicious.

Sunday, July 24th was the last day of Summerlicious, and so unfortunately if you didn’t take my advice from my first “Summer-Licious” blog then you’re going to have to wait until next year. However, if you are willing to ditch hibernating for a couple of hours this winter then winterlicious is just around the corner!


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