It’s girls night out – AGAIN – and we chose Fred’s Not Here a restaurant that is taking part in Summerlicious. Located in the Entertainment District of downtown Toronto – 321 King Street West – we put on our fancy-fied summer outfits, and heels – well wedges which is close enough – to eat luxuriously and CHEAPLY.

For $35.00 plus tip you get a three course meal of your choice of appetizer, main, and dessert! You would think that the portions would be smaller because it’s a special offer, but they aren’t! At least not at Fred’s Not Here anyways. The plates were huge, beautifully prepared, warm, and delicious! In fact the portions were a little too large for the girls and I. We were rubbing our tummies by the end.

Seafood Paella

The appetizer I chose was the Chef’s Chopped Salad, which was a mixture of greens (Arugula, Ice Berg, & Radicchio), bits of smoked bacon, blue cheese, olives, mushrooms, egg, and basil lemon dressing with crispy fried onions. Anything with bacon is tasty – let alone mini fried onions! Monika solely based her choice on the fact that her Filet Mignon was wrapped in bacon!

The main course was rich, and succulent. Once you stuck a fork into that crab it just pulled off – so gently – to the point where you had a juicy, and overwhelming size of fish. I love scallops, mussels, calamari and so if you are a fish lover this dish is for you! The Seafood Paella! The rice was too filling, and so the girls who ordered this kind of skipped passed it just for the fish… it was just a little heavy. Not to fret if you aren’t into the seafood because there are more than enough options for steak! Fred’s got you covered.

Belgian Chocolate Mousse Cake!


Local Strawberries with Mascapone Cream 


Belgian Chocolate Mousse Cake


Vanilla Bean Cheesecake

You know what I chose – take a look to the right and it was delectable. I was stuffed, and yet there was no way I wouldn’t finish this chocolate-y goodness of a dessert. I did have a chance to taste the other options and the cheesecake was divine! That’s the benefit of a group everyone’s pallet’s differ, and friends aren’t afraid of sharing.

There was a huge selection, and the value definitely outweighed the cost at this location. Even beverages were priced decently. For a bottle of red we only paid about $30.00. I asked Monika to choose the wine – I love wine, but have a hard time remembering which ones I enjoy most – and so she had to do the taste test. One bottle of wine for two…

For us – the girls – we hadn’t seen each other in a while. It’s summer, and most of them have full-time jobs so everyone is busy. It was wonderful to catch up, and do it somewhere we could enjoy good food, wine, and relax in a cute setting. Summerlicious is a great way to experience higher end restaurants at a low-cost. However, I do have a warning! Val was saying that in the past they had gone to a restaurant where the portions weren’t as large, and so I’d recommend for any restaurant you choose to go into it without any expectations because then you’ll be pleasantly surprised regardless!

If you are concerned about how much food you are getting for your buck then I’d strongly suggest heading to Fred’s Not Here because you’ll have too much food… in a good way!

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4 Responses to Summer-Licious!

  1. Cammie says:

    Oh lordy….that Belgian Chocolate Mousse Cake looks deviiiiine.
    I’ve heard of this place before, but I never knew they had this option. Did you say it’s only on one night a week, or am I imagining that? I need to go! the end!

    • Dee says:

      Nope, you are imagining that! Summerlicious lasts the whole month of July, and you just have to make reservations! You and Rick should go if you are planning on visiting this month!!

  2. Stumbled across your blog…always appreciate awesome pics of food while I’m at work 🙂 thanks for the read.

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