Free entrance into Wonderland…

You know you are getting older when after going on a roller-coaster you feel dizzy, light-headed, unable to walk straight, nauseated, have a slight ear-ache, headache, backache, and instantly regret having got on once you are at the peak of the coaster about to drop over the edge. Maybe i’m exaggerating, but Val and I both agreed that we would not be returning to Canada’s Wonderland for quite awhile.

Leading up to Sunday – Canada’s Wonderland extravaganza – I asked my dad if he missed going on the rides at Canada’s Wonderland, the Canadian National Exhibition, Disney World, and whether or not he actually liked them. His response was, “I went on those rides for you”. Even while in Vegas I couldn’t pass up going on the NEW YORK NEW YORK HOTEL’S famous roller-coaster, and begged my mom to go on it with me. She made me vow not to say that, “I never do anything for you!” We didn’t bother to inform her that it went upside down…

New York New York Loop

Val said it best while we attended her “work party” at Canada’s Wonderland… she wished we were young again because when you’re little you don’t care about anything, and I agree. We both reminisced about going to Wonderland when we were young and being so excited that nothing affected us. We were so excited to go on all the rides, and it was even more exciting after you had grown enough to be able to meet the height requirements for the big – and then biggest – roller-coasters.

Since it was free entrance Val and I were determined to cram in as many rides as we could… whether it killed us or made us queasy. We planned to get there right when it opened at 10am, which we did, and managed to go on four rides before lunch. These weren’t baby rides either. Our first choice was Riptide; a ride that spins forwards, backwards, and fully upside down… followed by the Bat – a classic coaster – shooting you forward through loops, and then does the reverse sending you backwards.

Second Coaster of the day!

Forwards & backwards

During our free lunch provided Val’s employer Toyota we strategically ate just enough food, but not an excessive amount – even though it was a buffet and we both know how to eat – so that we could continue riding every roller-coaster, not just rides, but coasters!

We were feeling pretty good after lunch – Val won a prize from the draw, and they had my favourite dessert strawberry shortcake – we were satisfied but not busting full… so we headed for Behemoth. Followed by Val’s co-workers we were excited to go on the monster of a coaster. The line-up was so long it didn’t fit in the designated area, and yet we lined up anyways… TWICE! I loved this roller-coaster, and it was incredible. Val wasn’t wrong when she said it feels like (a) you are flying (b) it’s a smooth transition throughout and (c) you don’t get that funny feeling in your stomach when you go down the huge decline!

dun dun dun...

The Behemoth may be a new attraction at Wonderland, but the Funnel cake – strawberry, and vanilla ice cream with deep fried dough – is what it’s all about. It is like no other, and worth the hiked-up price of about $10.

My stomach wonky come Monday, and the swaying then stopping of the subway wasn’t helpful. In the future if I dare to seek adrenaline, and the thrill of putting my body through twists, turns, ups, downs – UPSIDE DOWNS – i’ll be booking the next day off form work.


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4 Responses to Free entrance into Wonderland…

  1. cant do rollercoasters. they look fun, but its a sad fact that i just throw up :s

    • Dee says:

      aw… we were okay luckily, even though we put our bodies through a lot of ups and downs. I love them so much that i can’t help but make myself sick, and go on them. haha

  2. Nous et Vous says:

    Sounds like you guys had fun!!! I would have to be drugged to go on Behemoth… I’m so proud of you girls for going on that bad boy… twice! The only thing I’m sad about missing is… the food and FUNNEL CAKE!!! (Can’t believe the price went up so much!!)

    – Tina

    • Dee says:

      Your comment made me laugh out loud, while on my break at work. I would have definitely made you come on the coaster with us! It’s honestly scary but in a good way – like val said. The funnel cake was divine!

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