“Eat My Martini” // Cocktails

Eat My Martini on College Street, Toronto

Thursday nights at Eat My Martini on College Street in downtown Toronto has $5 martini’s and $3 (bar rail) mixed drinks… DEADLY.

It is also the perfect location for a girls night out – one that is fun, inexpensive, and not stuffy but rather a care-free environment. You don’t have to dress up, but it is always nice to look a little fancy pants when going for cocktails with the girls.

There is a separate menu made up of solely Martini options, and it is unreal! It is nearly impossible to choose from this two-sided, laminated, larger than a piece of printer paper, list of martini’s. Ordering does get easier as evening turns into night, and if you are with a group of people because you can scope out what they have ordered, and taste your friends martini.

The only downside to Eat My Martini is that when you go in a large group the waitress continuously adds the drinks to one large bill. It is your duty to remember how many Martini’s you have consumed – in order to purchase the correct amount – this is not such a good idea. Once you are about 5 Martini’s in – then 6 – and 7 – it becomes a little fuzzy. I did not mean to consume as much as I did, and I can tell you that Suni didn’t either. It is hard to contain yourself though when there are so many options, and you want to taste all the tantalizing options.

Two of my Lovliest Friends and the Girls

Two of my Lovliest Friends and the Girls

WARNING: Be aware that the waitress does not warn you that you need to keep track of your own drinks, and so paying becomes very difficult. Also, be careful if you are the last ones there! You may get stuck with the extra forgotten martini’s!!

My Lychee Martini… delicious!

 I had expected all the Martini’s to come with a garnish, and that’s not true. By the fourth one I finally found one that met my standards… THIS LYCHEE MARTINI – yum yum yum – had a lychee that was tender, sweet, and delicious on top.

Late into the night one might get a little hungry after having consumed all these sugary treats. Luckily there is a street meat stand just a block, or two away from Eat My Martini. Suni and I ended the night inhaling hot dogs with large amounts of condiments piled high.

Thursday nights should be filled with laughs, excitement, and time spent with good friends. Even while completing my undergrad Thursday was the new Friday… so why not continue that tradition in my adult life? I don’t see why I shouldn’t. Except maybe I should plan to have less than 7 Martini’s if I have to work the next day…


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3 Responses to “Eat My Martini” // Cocktails

  1. Nous et Vous says:

    YUM! Looks like fun!!!!! Can’t wait to go there when I get back 🙂

    – Christina

    • Dee says:

      We should go!! I would love to go again, and we should bring Birt because i think she would love it the most out of all our friends – and maybe Alee – haha

  2. cammie says:

    I think we should go next thursday maybe! or perhaps to a place closer by….i wanna try that lychee martini. AND the other one we had…it was green. i wanna say jamaica was a word in the title. either way! it is definitely a cool palce to go to with a bunch of chicks. i can’t see too many guys digging the whole ‘martini’ scene, but $3 mixed drinks is pretty sweet too.
    last but not least: nearby street meat vendors definitely add to any desire of mine to go someplace at night hehe.

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