“Ghost Stories” // Play

You might think it’s weird for a father and his daughter to spend time together by watching “Ghost Stories”, but I LOVE PLAYS.

May 24 long weekend the girls and I spent some time at Christina’s condo where I received a text from my dad, “Would you want to see “Ghost Stories” with me?” Initially I had no idea what he was talking about, and as soon as I said it out loud Christina said that she had wanted to go see it. This got me excited and I told my father I would definitely go with him. Little did I know that this play was popular for being very scary. Don’t get me wrong I like thrillers, and horrors, but I cannot watch things that relate to the Exorcist or ghosts. I began to panic. I looked up the play online with my dad a couple of days later, and there wasn’t anything written about it. All that was posted were videos of various audiences and their reactions while watching the play.

Entrance of the Theatre

Going to the theatre blinded and not knowing what the synopsis of this play was… I became stricken with anxiety when I saw this picture on the front entrance door, “ARE YOU BRAVE ENOUGH?” I looked at my father and said, “I AM NOT BRAVE ENOUGH (laughing out of fear)”. We picked up our tickets and I asked the man at the ticket booth whether or not he had seen this play. He said that he unfortunately hadn’t yet. We proceeded to go to a nearby pub and have a cocktail (beer of course). It was a wonderful bonding experience, and solid father/daughter time because we had a chance to talk, and catch up.

7:20pm rolled around and it was time to return and get seated. The man who took our tickets was the next person who I asked for feedback, and he said that he doesn’t really get scared of ghost stories and so he thought it was hilarious.

Still not feeling comforted, and my fear taking over I braced myself for what was about to begin. An announcement was made that the play was 80 minutes, and if you leave the theatre under no circumstance are you allowed back in. That was my cue to go to the bathroom. On my way down to the basement of the theatre – so creeped out already – I turned the corner only to find caution tape, and separated parts of manikin bodies with construction lights hanging above them… I nearly jumped out of my skin. My nerves had gotten the better of me. I quickly snapped out of it at the sight of women – lined up to use the washroom – who were staring at me like I had issues. I joined the line and got antsy as men walked straight in and out while all the girls were at a stand-still… figures.

The play started, and everyone seemed nervous. The inside of the theatre had white, random numbers written all over, and the same caution tape/construction lights hanging everywhere. I don’t want to give it away for anyone going to see this play, but the soliloquy of the “Professor” in the beginning was never-ending. It was a great explanation of the scenario of the play since there was no information on it otherwise, but it was very long and tedious to listen to when all tensed up. Overall the play was fun, exhilarating, refreshing (because it was unlike any play I had seen before), and somewhat scary. There were three stories that were played out, and only one of three of the three was really scary. It was the most relatable one, and because of that made me squirm in my seat.
I recommend that you see this play if you enjoy the theatre. It is a unique experience, and one that will have you uptight, excited, and nervous until it’s over. The stories are fun to watch, and the ending is definitely unexpected. It may even have been the most creepy part of the entire play. Even though it was not as scary as I had anticipated it to be… I still ended up sleeping with my lamp on!! Maybe it was scarier then I think…


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