‘Unlock my heart’ Canada!

Purchased at Slaysh, in Ottawa

On this bleak, and dreary day my girlfriends and I decided to take a little “lunch break” with a main focus on shopping! My initial, and only choice of store was the locally owned Slaysh located on Bank street, (literally down the street from my apartment). Slaysh is an urban apparel/shoes, snowboard, skate, accessories shop with staff that are always happy to see and “fit” you!

Not only did I need new shoes because mine lost the battle against Babylon nightclub’s grungy floor, and the snowy/slushy/rainy ground of Ottawa, but I knew I had to get my fix of Uranium Jewellery before I move home.

This purchase brightened my day, but it will carry into tomorrow when I wear my newly beloved “Unlock My Heart” necklace at work! What could be better than waking up, and getting ready knowing you get to wear something you love?

Uranium is a key example of my personal endeavor to purchase Canadian-made goods. Uranium is based in Montreal, Canada and they produce unique, urban, ultra chic with an accent of rock-like pieces. I have accumulated Uranium’s jewellery for the past year and a half – maybe two. The best part is that this jewellery is inexpensive, and so you can keep up with the latest trends each season! I am obsessed with this brand, and own: two pairs of feather earrings, another set of earrings that are a combo of a gold dove/rabbit foot, a faux gold double knuckle ring, and most recently this “Unlock my heart necklace,” where the heart is engraved with, “He who holds the key can unlock my heart”. Too bad no one holds the key as of yet…

I know you must be wondering where this rant is headed… well a downside to my move back to Toronto is that there are no retailers who carry the brand! As listed on the Uranium facebook page the only places in Ontario that sell Uranium are:

The closest being Peterborough, which is a two-hour drive away from Toronto. It is a sad week for me. In the midst of packing my life up to re-root myself in Toronto , and cramming in time with the people I love in Ottawa… I have come to realize that I am going to leave some things behind against my will!

I love supporting Canadian made things as best I can… from magazines such as “Adbusters”, “Quill & Quire”, “Fashion Magazine Canada”… to clothing like lifetime collective. It is always a pleasure to spend my hard-earned money on supporting the Canadian economy. My father would probably disapprove regardless and ask, “Is that a need or a want,” but when it comes to Uranium in particular I know I will always find something that I cannot leave the store without.

This necklace was love at first sight, and that is mainly because I know I’m supporting a Canadian brand that puts heart, soul, and massive amounts of creativity into each piece.
I continuously look forward to each season’s newest looks, and will forever be a consumer of Uranium Jewellery.

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2 Responses to ‘Unlock my heart’ Canada!

  1. Cammie says:

    sorry about the shoes….really like the necklace though, courtesy of lifeline.

  2. Rick says:

    Do not fret, Dee. You can always stop by Slaysh on one of your FREQUENT VISITS to Ottawa. Hint hint.

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