Psychic Taxi

Girls night out was a success, and our escapade home was a legendary ride.

My preferred seating is middle, back when in a vehicle. It allows me to see out the entire front window, and continue to be engaged with those sitting in any seat. When travelling in three like last night, I’m there! From the point of entering the taxi to our final destination the psychic taxi driver began to “read” my personality, and proceeded to predict my future.

The psychic taxi man needed no time to observe or listen because my choice of seat placement was enough. He immediately stated that I like the middle because I enjoy being around people. As my friend laid her head down on my shoulder to rest the psychic taxi man said “You get attention from everyone, and it is because they enjoy being around you”. He guessed my age, “22/23” he said and my ethnicity, “Italian, you have a small frame and that’s how I know”.  He stated that I must be in school, or recently graduated, which I am. I proceeded to tell him my future plans, and what I studied because he was inquiring. He was most interested in my major because he had been sure that I was a law major, or in business, which I am not.

We arrived at our stop, and were in the process of paying the psychic taxi man. As my girlfriends exited the taxi I was warned… “Be aware, and careful of those jealous of you. It is your personality that will cause this jealousy, because you enjoy others and they enjoy being around you”. I glanced forward at him, and thanked him for the ride.

Everything he said touched me, and was unforgettable. I believe that there is something greater in this world, and whether that is because my family has strong beliefs, or I was raised Roman Catholic – religion has contributed to who I am, and how I perceive things. I do not believe in the institution of the church, but I am open-minded when it comes to traditions, and beliefs of all religions. I also tend to be drawn to individuals who have a sixth sense, or are natural pathic inclined, and am superstitious about certain things. For example, my mom once told me that your bed should never be set-up so your feet face the door because that means you are welcoming death. I have never put my bed in this position. Since hearing that I believe it to be true. Like my mom’s warnings this psychic taxi man’s omen is an experience that has made me watchful and even more intrigued by humanity, their words, and their actions.

I recommend a ride with the psychic taxi to anyone who is receptive to new, and different ideas… it was an enlightening experience, and if you are lucky maybe you’ll jump into the psychic taxi when in Ottawa.


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13 Responses to Psychic Taxi

  1. Meagan says:

    Ah! This makes me want to finish your palm reading. Awesome blog so far! 🙂

    • Dee says:

      I can’t wait to read what my palm reading says !!
      You should send it to me, and I can blog about it

      • Meagan says:

        Hello, here is your palm reading! As per your request, posted up here!

        Key words or concepts I found repeatedly: communication, practical, intellect. Very ambitious. Many times I found you will use communication in your career / to make money. Try to keep a positive outlook on situations and life. I also found constant ‘protection’ when going through hard times.

        So basically I looked at your hand as a whole and found this:

        Your element is air. This means you are a practical thinker who uses logic more than your intuition. Enjoys mental challenges and learning. Also enjoys communicating with others, and may make a career from some form of communication – teaching, writing, and acting are good examples. Strong with verbal communication; work on strengthening your written communication. Quick thinker, and able to express yourself clearly. You live in a world of thoughts and you pay little attention to your heart (this doesn’t mean you don’t feed your heart, you just make decisions based on logic over emotions). You are an independent thinker, however you can be bad with saving your money. Subconsciously, you are holding yourself back. You can have a negative and/or unrealistic outlook on life. You can be idealistic.

        Fingers: You possess a great deal of drive and ambition. You have a strong inner need to be successful, and are prepared to work long and hard to achieve this. You enjoy surrounding yourself with attractive things, and work best in pleasant surroundings. You enjoy sharing insights on the local community, country, world and even universe, with others. You enjoy the practical aspects of life, and will enjoy keeping busy with a variety of activities. You may ultimately develop a faith that plays an important role in your future. You have a slightly jaundiced view of life.

        Thumb: you have a very cautious approach to life and will examine all the different options and make detailed plans before acting on them. You will lead a fulfilling life – you will always have enough food to eat. You will have considerable strength of character and moral courage in your life.

        And then I looked at your lines specifically and found this:

        Heart Line: you will find it hard to express your innermost feelings, particularly early on in life. You are sensitive and easily hurt. You need constant reassurance of being loved, and will dislike public displays of affection. You have realistic expectations about your emotional lives. You are able to commit to long term relationships more easily than some people. You can maintain balance between personal needs and needs of others. You have the ability to see both sides of a situation. Early on in your life, you will have a major emotional loss. However, you will be protected and will recover from this. You will have a series of happy relationships, with a period of depression or severe emotional stress somewhere in the middle.

        Head Line: you enjoy making up your own mind on matters concerning life. You are open minded. You are level headed, keep your feet firmly on the ground, and will be happiest in a practical, hands-on type of career that deals with facts.

        Life Line: you at times appear half alive and lacking in energy towards life, with a negative outlook on situations. You have a rare line that serves to protect you – this will occur early in your life. This line is often referred to as the ‘guardian angel’ line (I’m super jealous because I don’t have this line hahaha). You will face a major life change in your mid-life, around the age of 40. This major life change will result in a change in your outlook in life.

        Destiny Line: you are focused on achieving a goal or dream. You have luck and good fortune on your side. You were born with a very strong sense of independence. You dislike restrictions of any sort. You have a strong desire to work with others in a creative field. You have good social skills and a talent in getting along with virtually everyone. This will be effective in your line of work. You have known what you wanted to be career-wise from a young age. You will be able to successfully combine duty and pleasure. You will have a change in your career around the age of 30-35. This will be a change that you thought about for several years before. After the age of 50, you will be engaged in new and different activities. You will have no desire to retire.

        Et Voila! I am interested in hearing if any of it is totally off 🙂

  2. cherylyoung says:

    Nothing about this surprises me. I always knew you were not like everyone else. I have recently been reading my journals from back as far as 10 years ago and you were very much a part of my life at that time. I just want to thank you for all the wonderful memories. Happy Easter and Love Aunt Cheryl

  3. Emilia Holmes says:

    Well my daughter of mine you have finally started your blog and I am very impressed of what you have written to date. Always believe in the power of the Holy Spirit, your sixth sense or any other aura around you. There are always signs to guide you everyday. Everyone in the family is awaiting your return home; especial dad and I.
    Love mom

  4. Cammie says:

    my mom said the exact same thing about my bed facing the door, and i never position it that way!
    i’m not always superstitious, but it’s the things in life that you can’t explain that give way to superstitions you can’t help but follow.

  5. Danny says:

    Just wanted to chime in here and let you know I enjoyed your post! Giving it a ‘Like’ over Facebook wouldn’t be doing it justice, especially after you did your due diligence writing it. Got your creative juices flowing, eh? 🙂

    My shenanigans after Sotto and Milano’s Pizza wasn’t as exciting, but alluding to it still embellishes my night with thoughts of awesomeness — though it still pales in comparison to your epic taxi ride. All in all, a great Saturday night out with good company.

    Just wanted to let you know I really admire your drive, going forward with your career as a creative. I wish you good luck in getting those editing positions (I didn’t forget) down in Toronto when you have your interviews. I, myself, as an individual involved professionally in graphic design and photography, for a long while, longed (and still do ) to get into art school, only to have those aspirations derided by time. I would never say never, but now my life is my art and my spirit as a creative will go forward with my career in the book publishing industry and with a business endeavor involved in media in the short future (I should make mention of this to you in the short future).

    Just wanted to say your passion doesn’t go unnoticed! From the two times I’ve met you, I can tell that you have a glowing charm and an unabashed personality. I should have known you were a creative from the get-go! 🙂


  6. Dee says:

    I love that you term us as a “creative,” I don’t know if it’s my naiveté in the publishing/art world that i’m unfamiliar with this word but I like it.

    I thoroughly enjoyed your “bitch sticks,” and your positive attitude. Thank-you for taking the time to tune into my blog, and give me some feed back. I look forward to reading more of your comments as my blog progresses.

    I think it is cool that you are into photography as well!! The header of my blog is a photo I took in Miami, and cropped. I just love the way the light hit the trees, and came through the cracks! That’s all…


  7. Rick says:

    I misread the title and was expecting a story about a psycho taxi driver… like Robert De Niro. This story was interesting, though!

  8. Dee says:

    Dearest Megatron,

    The key words that you associate me are things that relate to me/resonate with me. I do feel like i have a guidance/someone/thing watching over me.

    The first portion of your reading when you are looking at my whole hand is correct, and I do love communicating with people. My blog is proof that i enjoy writing, and i used to want a career in teaching, but definitely at the higher level – college/university. I do tend to be idealistic, which is weird because a horoscope once said that I dream too big and it is unfeasable to achieve haha that was a rude awakening for me.

    I have always had a faith, and that’s not to say in the insitution of the Catholic Church – like i’ve said previously – but i do believe in a higher being, and spirits whether they are good or bad. Everything you have said under “fingers” is true.

    I have plenty of moral courage, and I LOVE FOOD. I just can’t get enough of it, haha and i will never run out of it – that much is true.

    Heart line: is very true. I have had an emotional loss in my life, and was guided through it somehow. My highschool boyfriend, and really good friend at the time Dave passed away less than a year ago… and that had a huge effect on me, and my thoughts on relationships in general. I have a tendency to commit myself to long term relationships, and i’ve been happy in all of them for the most part, but the letting go has always been difficult for me probably because i am easily hurt.

    Head line: EVERYTHING IS TRUE, it’s scary.
    Life line: also true, and it’s odd because i do have a negative outlook sometimes, and i do feel myself getting sucked in by that. I do try to remain more on the positive side though and enjoy myself. The older i get the less negative i am. I love that i have a gaurdian angel line because i do feel that presence sometimes.

    Destiny line: i have always known what i wanted to do – work related – i love literature, and books. Have always been reading and writing from a young age. Sometimes i don’t think that i’m good enough, but i am very determined to either teach/get into publishing or do something that is creative and arts (english literature) related. Everything in this section is true…

    all of this is true and it’s awesome and refreshing to read something so accurate about yourself. It has really helped me get a little closer to my decision on doing my masters or not at carleton.

    Love you Meg!! xo
    p.s. my mom wants to send you a fax of her hand so you can do hers since mine was so accurate.

    • Meagan says:

      Hello!! I am soo happy to hear that it’s true. I’m yet to run into someone who was like uh, that’s totally wrong. It’s harder to do a palm reading when the person isn’t there to answer your questions, but it was totally fun nonetheless.
      Yes! Tell your mama to send it asap! It’s been 3 weeks since I’ve done one and I was like hmm, I need to find someone to do it on so I don’t lose my touch haha. If she could send two photocopies that works best (sometimes one photocopy shows more about a specific line and the other a different line… if that made sense haha)
      Can’t wait!

      • Dee says:

        I will get her to scan her hand and email them to you once she gets back from Niagra with my Dad – they did a little day trip together.

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