“I just came to say hello…”


The meaning behind this blog is to enjoy myself by sharing thoughts that I’ve had and said to friends, but need the world to know, and gain experience in communications and publishing. I am headed towards barriers that are preventing me from being part of the publishing industry and I am determined to get a foot in… one step at a time. I hope people enjoy reading what I write, as I have always loved literature… whether that be magazines, blogs, novels, or articles they all contribute to the make-up of who I am and my thoughts on life. It is my turn to take a shot at writing… what you think of it you think, and what I write will be honest and brutal which isn’t any different from myself… so prepare yourself.



About Dee

Marketing Specialist
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One Response to “I just came to say hello…”

  1. Becky says:

    You are just so awesome, Daniela! I will be following you on here throughout your wonderful journey! xoxo

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