Jays Home Opener // Reyes Sits

IMG_5943I have fallen in love with how shortstop Jose Reyes plays on and off the field. Not only does he have something I like to call, “field swagger,” but he has a true love of the game. Always smiling. He’s also at the top of the batting list for a reason for…he’s a reliable – get on base – kinda hitter. Not to mention how excellent of a sprinter he is…

Unfortunately, he hasn’t gotten much play time this past week due to an injury. A tightness in his left hamstring to be exact. Not to fret though, my friends, he’s sitting on the bench supporting his team with a smile from ear to ear. That’s a true team player and one that I admire.

IMG_5945I know from past experience how tough it can be to take a seat as a result of your body desperately needing to heal. You support your team and watch from the side lines, but often it’s hard to keep your head in the game strategically.

IMG_5942Andrew’s dad got us tickets to the game today, and not just any tickets, but the greatest tickets of all. I’m happy to announce that we were lucky enough to be seated behind the plate! With that said, I’ve also been DYING to see the NY Yankees.

Though sitting in the nose bleeds is also extremely fun – it’s a different kind of excitement. Heckling the outfielders is a blast, and I love organizing a group of my friends to attend.

IMG_5947Nothing beats a Sunday at the field (behind home plate) with beer in hand – next to my Nugget – though. I just can’t wait for Reyes to take his rightful spot on field next to Brett Lawrie – a duo that is truly unstoppable.

They almost made a comeback today in those last two innings, but alas, they lost to the Yankees 6 to 4. We shall see how the Jays pan out this year, but let me tell you, they’re looking good!



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Business Strategies // Skirts Versus Pants

You wouldn’t normally think that how you dress contributes to your personal business strategy, but it was brought to my attention that it does.


Maybe we should take a note from Selena Gomez at We Day in California (2014).

Recently, while discussing upcoming trade shows and events that Simply Hired, Inc. could set up a booth at, we ended up touching on what to wear. An executive level colleague shared, “the more femininely dressed the better, unfortunately. It’s true.”

At first I wasn’t very surprised. Yet, when I reflected on what I wore to the #SimplySocial2014 event the week before, I had worn a black suit. Nothing is more professional to me, than a woman wearing a suit. That perspective was now in question.

It’s not to say that I think suits are not a good choice, but instead, it’s about how you are treated by others at the event or in the workplace. During the event, amongst recruiting professionals, I didn’t seem to make any waves. That being said, it could have been because I was on Guest List patrol and overseeing the arrival of guests.

I don’t disagree with her statement, and I’m no hard hitting feminist either. When it comes to branding yourself in a professional way, and the clothes you choose to do this, I’m not sure which argument wins.

Pencil skirts have always been a professional staple in any woman’s wardrobe. I have a few hanging in my closet as we speak. However, I do think it is important to highlight your gender at professional events because (sadly) it does seem to make a difference in how you’re perceived.

Moving forward, I’m definitely not going to discard what my colleague said. I will also continue to believe that a classic suit just does the trick sometimes. Especially, with an added pop of colour underneath.

Maybe, just maybe, it all comes down to the shoes?


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Book Club for Two // Conscious Reasonings

After finally scheduling a Skype date to chat, we have completed our first instalment of conscious reasonings – a fancy phrase for the chat we had - on Moby Dick.

I’m shocked that we’re getting through it, but it sure isn’t at a fast rate. I keep falling in and out of love with Ishmael, as does Meagan it seems, since he does like to ramble at times. Don’t get me wrong, we are intrigued by his narration, yet there are moments of severe skimming.

Neither of us know much about the background of this novel besides what is written on the back flap. However, the novels incorporation of the metaphysical reminds me of The Raw Shark Texts by Steven Hall and for Meagan, Life of Pie. Having read up until page 130, which isn’t much for a roughly 600 page novel, I can’t say whether or not the Captain of the Pequod is a human or spirit. The strange man who tried to stop Ishmael and Queequeg prior to getting on the ship, is also questionable as he seems to know too much and is slightly foreshadowing. Or sharing a premonition?

Having studied english literature the last six years, I usually know some historical context in relation to the century the book was written, or biographical backing on the author. With that said, it’s easy for me to start layering theories onto a novel. Thank goodness Meagan was willing to listen – haha!

It seemed relevant to me to mention that the novel had elements of the gothic (the threat of a monster) that are intermingled with the savage beast, often found in African literature. Not to mention that Moby Dick is often referred to as an allegory, but for what? We aren’t far enough yet to know. The layers of meaning, and context is a lot to digest. Though, that is what makes this novel so exciting.

It seems out of character for Ishmael to have befriended Queequeg. Especially since he portrayed him as a savage and beastly other. As Meagan pointed out, he is a monster that has a soul. Though he isn’t a Christian like that of Ishmael, our protagonist accepts him for who he is (along with his Idol) while standing up for him against the rest of societies prejudices.

The last part that stood out in our minds was Ishmael’s depiction of what makes Whaling an honourable profession. Like that of a butcher, who isn’t respected on account of their slaughtering of animals, Whalers are undervalued. Apparently, the seamen oil is good for your hair? On a serious note, it was an interesting depiction of the whaling industry and its importance at that time.

Our goal by the end of the novel? At least for me anyway, is to be able to properly pronounce “Queequeg.” Right now it isn’t looking to promising as we both say it differently.

To read more about how this Book Club For Two got its wings, click on: “Book Club for Two // Test Novel.”


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Book Club for Two // Test-Novel

Let’s put Meagan and I to the test, shall we


Both avid book readers, and novel deep divers, Meagan and I always chat about what we’re reading. Since she permanently lives in Ottawa, and I – in Toronto, we decided to put our love of reading (paired with how often we can keep in touch) to the truest test: a Book Club made for two.

I’ve wanted to join a book club since I finished my Masters at Carleton University in English Literature. However, I found it very hard to commit to anything, especially a group and discussion timelines. My friend Cammie and Rick really helped me out – having been part of a Friday night Book Club for a while themselves – they invited me to its Facebook group to join.

Well, I folded under the pressure. It was just too soon for me, and I wanted to do my own thing when it came to literature at that point. Reading the likes of, A Glittering Chaos by Lisa de Nikolits and Only Revolutions by Mark Z. Danielewski (to be blogged about soon).

Over a Skype date with Meagan we created a list of books that we have ALWAYS had a strong desire to read, but lacked the drive to do it.

The list looks a little something like this: 

Moby Dick by Herman Melville

Catcher and the Rye by J.D. Salinger

The Polished Hoe by Austin Clarke

What Alice Forgot by Liane Moriarty 

Great Expectations by Charles Dickens

Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens

IMG_5512A lot of heavy hitters, I know. Of course, we’ve decided to begin with Moby Dick. Little did I know that this American classic was over 300 pages long. My mother went to the Thornhill Library to retrieve my newest reading-kicker and to my surprise it was HUGE.

Lugging this thing on the subway hasn’t been an easy task. This novel is also a test – first on how capable Meagan and I are at being focused enough to get through the first novel, and second how devoted to the list we are.

Having intended to start this book the first week of February, the last I heard, Meagan was on page 5.

To find out more about Meagan and I’s adventures, be sure to read: “Edge Walk CN Tower // Dee’s Perspective,” and “Edge Walk CN Tower // Meagan’s Perspective.”

I’ll definitely keep you posted, but wish us luck! We’re going to need it.


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Fashion Night Out // Volunteers

IMG_5456Having built a personal friendship with Francesca, a Schulic student and Co-Director of the Schulich Charity event called Fashion’s Night Out, I was thrilled to attend this programs annual Art & Fashion Show at York University.

Not only did I purchase a ticket for myself, but I rallied my good friend and mom to join me last Friday.  Part of the incentive for them to come, was that I had put Francesca in connection with my cousin Nicole. Knowing that Nicole is actively searching for networking opportunities and work, she was ecstatic to do the models makeup and style their hair. Having volunteered from around 9am to 9pm, it was nice to see her with a smile still on her face!IMG_5461

Her excitement and optimistic attitude was matched by my boyfriend, DJ Andy Steves, who also volunteered his skill, ear and time. DJ’ing the entire event called for some preparation. The week leading up to the show he spent many long nights, alongside Francesca, determining the music cues and organizing the songs. During the show, his mixes, timing and drops were so fluid that I couldn’t help but look up to smile at him.

Not only was it a fashionable night out, and one filled with tons of talent, but it was for a great IMG_5441cause. All of the proceeds raised were donated to Make-A-Wish Foundation Canada. This organization grants children with life-threatening medical conditions a wish. The wish is intended to enrich each child’s life while renewing their hope, strength and everyday happiness.

The most memorable part was the Make-A-Wish speaker, a young girl named Avalon Thornberry. She communicated her experience of having received a wish, which was a memorable trip to Ireland with her family. Her incredible story instantaneously brought tears to my eyes, and brought to my attention how much her wish had made her a stronger person.

At the end of the night, though we couldn’t find our car due to York Universities sporadic layout, we were proud to have been part of such a heartfelt event. With so many great clothes, from the likes of American Apparel, rac boutique, Brandy Melville, and more, I am itching to attend again next year!


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Morning Rush Hour // Let’s Push and Shove

IMG_5496[Writers Note: It is important to keep in mind that my commute consists of three modes of transportation: the TTC bus, the TTC subway and a street car. As I was experiencing a fit of rage, I slowly pulled out my cell phone ... this is was ensued]

When the subway is rammed with people and the majority of them are standing, why are people walking like it’s a runway?

Honestly, where are people going? Walking with force, so that they’re pushing through the unfortunate individuals who weren’t lucky enough to snag a seat. Miserable because their final stop is countless stops away. Yet, they feel a shove right into their backpack, purse or body.

Oftentimes I don’t take my backpack off, but I make sure that there is plenty of room left behind me for people who want to pass by. Even when there isn’t enough room, and two people are standing back to back, that should mean remaining stationary – NOT pushing yourself through. The grass is not greener on the other side at 7:40am. There are no seats available at the other end of the TTC train. I promise there isn’t. It’s rush hour.

IMG_5495Let’s face it. There aren’t that many places to go, and if you’re really curious, walk along the platform until you find a better suited entrance onto the train. Once you’re satisfied with your location – preferably with a pole nearby to hold – stay still.

On that note it’s also VERY rude when people seated on the TTC bus stand up and push their way off upon arrival at Finch subway station. Instantly standing up, and pushing your way through the crowd that has been standing for about 15 minutes won’t make you any friends. It’s ridiculous. If other people are packed on the bus – and there isn’t even standing room left – wait your turn to get off. It’s common sense.


For more tips on how to ride the subway properly, click here: Subway Etiquette 101

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Davisville Station // Spider on the Loose

With the expectation that the subway (TTC) would be delayed, which is nothing new during Monday morning rush hour, I happily grabbed a seat before the rush of people entered. I settled in and continued reading A Glittering Chaos by Canadian author Lisa de Nikolits.

6235244078_d044de56c0_zOut of the corner of my eye, on the right hand side, I saw movement. My eyes began to adjust and refocus where it was once my peripheral view. To my horrified surprise there was a spider connected from the young asian girl’s coat (who was fast asleep) to my parka! Jolted, I quickly moved away from the creepy crawly causing its web to break. That’s right. In that short amount of time sitting next to the girl, this spider managed to loosely form a string of web between us. It had taken everything in me not to scream. My irrational fear and HUGE phobia of spiders was kicking in. The spider swung across to the girl and latched onto her coat. Clearly, it had manifested a home there previously.

The girl remained unfazed and unmoved. Caught in a dilemma, I wasn’t sure if I should wake her, all the while embarrassing myself in front of onlookers. Ignorance is bliss, right? I didn’t wake her. Soon the spider was back on the move. It began crawling down her arm onto her leg that was closest to me. Aggressively moving faster and faster, circling underneath her thigh – down to her knee cap – until finally it was on the subway floor.

Now, intently watching it, the spider continued to walk in a circle that was a rapidly rounding motion, coming closer and closer to my boot. “How the hell does a spider get onto the subway?” I thought to myself. “It must have been attached to her coat the entire time.”

I knew I had to step on it. The men sitting across from me were also keeping an eye on the eight-legged phenomenon. One of them was desperately trying to keep up with the conversation he and his friend were having, but you could tell he was more focused on what the spider was doing. Due to the curved sole of my Sorel (winter boot) my attempt to squash the creature had failed, and I had accidentally kicked it towards the man. Soon, it became a game of soccer. We were both gently pushing the spider away from us, so that it began moving back and forth, back and forth. Finally, having survived all this commotion, the spider began crawling towards the other end of the subway car.

That was the last I had seen of it. I’ve never seen a spider prior to or since roaming around on the TTC.

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